Plus-Size Girls.
Hello! This blog is dedicated to women that are PLUS sized. I really like the chubby girl blogs on here but i feel that a lot of girls would like a blog that was dedicated strictly to women that are bigger than a size 10. I myself love the idea of having a blog where its only girls that love their curves but aren't still a size 4. :) So PLEASE submit pictures!!

By the way, none of these pictures are mine, unless i state otherwise. :)



Ivy Doomkitty


Ivy Doomkitty


Alyona Ostanova by Evgeny Ovsyannikov

landofladyp said: How do I submit a picture??

left hand side in the middle in that box

bouquetofclematis said: How can I be featured? Thanks 🐰

Just submit a photo :) left hand side in the middle kinda



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